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You have probably noticed that this site is not a classic e-store, i.e., not to sell products? This website receives compensation for its work through an affiliate link on our website.

Numerous companies promote their products. In contrast, there are reviewers want to recommend proven good products to others while receiving a particular commission from the company whose products they review. If you click on one of our links (“visit the website” , “click here”…), I realize the right to a percentage without you being charged a single cent more than the value of the product itself. With this business model, I maintain a website without pop-ups and annoying ads. All this affects the user experience and loading of the website.

Creating a post, a review, or a piece of general content supported by verified facts requires a lot of time. While writing a review, I carry out the entire verification process. I test a certain product for a few days, then check the information on the manufacturer’s website, read the experiences of other users, compare their experiences with mine, etc. Everyone has their way of checking. Depending on the topic, sometimes it takes a week or several days of work.

The published review reflects my exclusively personal opinion. The products and services I review on this website are ones that I have purchased myself, unless I state otherwise. I would never review a product or service unless I thought it merited a positive review. The fact that a product is free would never guarantee a positive review from me. I only review products that would be appropriate for this blog.

Companies often send me current promotions, which last for a short time (a few days at a time). By subscribing to newsletter, you will always be up to date with events. In this way, I can offer you exclusive coupons, so you will be able to save on most products.

This business model helps me keep this website free of annoying ads and pop-ups. I avoid anything that might slow down or affect your browsing experience. Have you seen an annoying pop-up on this website? Not.

Thanks for your support if you buy through affiliate links! I’ll do my best to use the funds to provide more value in my future work. You’re what keeps this website going, and we grow together.

Suppose you’re not comfortable with me getting a commission from your purchase. In that case, you can always go directly to the store by opening a new tab.

If you have any questions about any of this, or any suggestions for products or services I should review, please feel free to contact me.

I’d love to hear from you.